Poor Apollo

Poor pup is suffering through his 2nd set of antibiotics after the UTI made a comeback.  Course, since it came back (or its sibling did anyway, different bacteria this time), the antibiotic this time is a stronger one.  We’re a bit worried by the fact that it came back, males (human or animal) are MUCH less prone to UTIs in the first place due to body structure (if you don’t get it go Google it, I’m not explaining the birds and the bees to you), and neither his line or his breed have a predisposition to them.  One happens, twice is worrysome.

Anyway, the new antibiotic is screwing with his system.  Both drying him out, and at the same time making him not hungry, and possibly mildly nauseous, so he’s drinking alot but barely eating.  Since he’s still a growing pup not eating much is extra not cool, so today I headed down to Petco and picked up a can of Puppy Gold.  His breeder recommended it to us when we first picked him up, but he’s been weaned off it for months and months now.  But he LOVED it, and it can be given as a liquid.  Picked up a package of raw boneless chicken breasts too.  Came home, chopped up a raw chicken breast into bite sizes, mixed it with a serving of Puppy Gold…..and he licked his bowl clean.  Just gave him a 2nd serving and he licked that bowl clean too.  Sweet.

Note: for anyone looking to buy Puppy Gold, unless you only need a little bit (such as we do right now) its MUCH cheaper to buy it in bulk, we got a huge bag from Amazon for something like half the price it would have been to buy that much by the 1lb can.

Disclaimer: I did not get paid, reimbursed, or even asked, to do this post, so the .GOV can go screw itself.

2 thoughts on “Poor Apollo”

  1. Seems odd that he has gotten two infections in so short a time. I haven't ever had a dog or cat to get one of those (knock on wood!).

    Will adding vitamins C to his diet help out? I seem to remember that dogs make their own Vit C, so don't need it in their diet, but maybe his Vit C maker is out of wack and needs a little boosting.

    Just a thought.

  2. Well, he gets a multivitamin most days that contains a small amount of Vitamin C, but only a little. Its something I'll have to ask his vet. We're going back in right before his antibiotic ends to do more urine testing to make sure it really went away this time.

    First time for me too, I've had them, but never had a pet have one, but the symptoms were remarkably similer, that constant need to pee came across very clearly!

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