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In rut (since Tibetan Mastiffs only have one breeding season.  Techinically he’s fertile any time of the year, but breeding season is better). So far we’ve not had TO much trouble with the local bitches (though the psychotic GSD female almost got a visit the other day…..), but I HAVE noticed he’s smelling ALOT stronger than usual this past month.  As in, he got a bath early cause I couldn’t stand it any more.  It COULD just be the antibiotics he’s been on, or maybe he rolled in something extra pungent, but could it be the rut season too?  I tried Google, but since most domesticated dogs don’t have a true “breeding season” no one appeared to have an answer.  I suppose I could ask his breeder…..

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  1. In my experience the urine of intact male dogs has a different, stronger (or, if you will, stinkier) odor than that of females or neutered males.

    I read somewhere (don't remember now where) that some people are more sensitive to this odor than others.

  2. I asked the same question on a forum of primitive dog breeds, and that was the general answer too, that during rut their pee does smell stronger, and if he was accidently getting it on himself it could be at least part of the problem.

    I also (in retrospect) suspect that the antibiotic the vet put him on for the UTI also was part of the problem.

    At this point I'm not WORRIED about it, it was just odd. If it re-occurs, especially after rut ends, then a conversation with his breeder will be required, as well as possibly with his vet, because that is definently NOT a normal odor for him. He's normally not smelly at ALL (not even “doggy”).

  3. and yes, it wouldn't surprise me if I'm a bit sensitive, but after him not normally being smelly at ALL, and then to rather quickly become VERY SMELLY, I'd be surprised if I wasn't.

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