I forgot to take the video camera

and I shouldn’t have.  Took Apollo over to my brother-in-law’s today to play with their dogs.  I’ve posted video of him there before, though its been a while.  They’re the two dogs, one’s a 100lb mastiff/golden cross, the other is a 12lb shitz-shu.  Last time I posted video, he was about half the size of the larger dog.  We’ve been over there several times in between, but its been a month or so since the last time, and today it finally struck me how much he’s grown.  He barely weighs 100lbs himself, but he makes the large dog look small.  The difference was striking.  His size just hadn’t struck me before today, cause I’m so used to him.  But wow.  Poor Loki looked so small, and he was NOT amused at the fact that Apollo was bigger than him.  Apollo got reminded of his manners a couple times.  Rosebud, the shitz-shu, however still thinks Apollo’s the greatest playmate ever, the two of them play tag around the fenced yard at (Rosebud’s) top speed, having a blast.  Gotta remember the video camera next time!