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Facebook flooded with things you don’t want your kid to see.  Part of me says so whats new?  The rest of me wants to point out that if you didn’t click on every link then the viruses wouldn’t spread, so would you PLEASE THINK BEFORE CLICKING YOU IDIOTS (just like remembering that not all you find online is true, you should think before you click).  Thank you.

As much as I hate to side with Zynga on anything, I gotta agree with this one.

Open carry advocate arrested, again.  The last time the city paid her, bets on how much she’ll get this time?

I could rant so hard on this one.  I won’t.  Lets just call it another example of banks throwing more money on bad investments.

Judge rules city can bar the OWS folks from camping out in Zuccoti park.  Seriously, what does camping some place have to do with your freedom of speach??

And you wonder why I have such a low opinion of PETA.

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