We had a package delivered by UPS today

It was a new collar for Apollo (I know, like he doesn’t have enough right? anyway….).  I don’t normally pick UPS as the shipper of my choice.  Had some bad experiences with them while living in Syracuse, though the guys who deliver to the house here have never given us an issue.

Apollo of course alerts to the sound of the truck in the drive, and talk about an evil sounding bark (he makes the psychotic GSDs sound high pitched).  Out hops the driver, package in one hand, doggy treat in the other.  Apollo of course isn’t nearly as evil as he sounds and was perfectly happy to take said treat and lick the UPS guy as a, slobbery, thank you.  Did I mention he likes people?

Anyway, none of this is important but it reminded me of the story over at Lagniappe’s Lair about Murphy and the UPS guys treat.  Made me wonder if thats not standard now….probly not a bad idea if it isn’t!

4 thoughts on “We had a package delivered by UPS today”

  1. Our neighbor is a UPS driver and he always has treats for dogs. He says that even most of the tough dogs are happy to take treats and leave him alone.

  2. LOL. Mike the UPS guy never comes up without a dog treat. And Murphy is starting to figure that out and now he at least pauses to look for and eat the cookie before barking and snapping at Mike.

  3. lol, learning is never a bad thing, on either side of the equation. Considering how distinctive the uniforms are I can believe the average driver would go out of his way to make sure the dogs thing GOOD things come with it!

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