Saw this over at Weer’d World

And had to repost.

I can’t decide if I’m baffled, or even more pissed at these folks.

You know what?  Even IF those kids are the children of said “1%”, a fact that I highly doubt, by tormenting their kids you’re making the parents have even LESS interest in having anything to do with you.  If any of those parents had any interest in supporting you to begin with you very likely just killed that interest dead.

I will also say that, police presence or not, that those protesters are probably very lucky that NYC is a gun-free-zone, cause I know a few parents who’d not have taken it NEARLY so well, especially those who were then followed by the protesters….

(actually I find it kinda interesting, kinda amusing, that in states/areas where carry is welcome you don’t hear about anything NEARLY like this)