Apollo update

Poor pup’s having a hard fall.  First TWO UTIs back to back (requiring a total of 3 trips to the vet), then a couple ticks which I had to have the vet tech remove cause I freaked out, then last Thursday he puked (never did determine WHY, but it appears to have been a once off so I’ll live), and in the vomit I discovered roundworms.  Yuck.  Sigh.  Friday morning I picked up a poo sample to bring to the vet for them to test, yes I probly coulda treated him myself, but I feel better having the vet double check my diagnosis, and for worms they don’t require an actual vet visit.  Friday evening I did my regular health check, handling, grooming session on him and discovered that there was an irritated patch on the inside of one of his ears.  It wasn’t huge, and he didn’t seem bothered by it, so I decided to keep an eye on it (plus getting into the vets on the weekend requires an emergency visit, which is painful).  Monday night the irritated patch had spread noticeably and he was itching at it rather vigorously.  Arg.  Called the vets Tuesday morning and they were able to fit him right in.  And now we have this goopy gell stuff to put on/in his ear. 

I guess its a good thing we put extra effort into getting him used to being handled in all sorts of ways, including his ears huh?

He doesn’t mind, its extra attention, which makes him wired all to hell no drugs required.

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  1. Well, ear's much less irritated looking, and worms appear to be gone (his appitites back, damn, thought that was the antibiotics, whoops) and he got to come to Thanksgiving dinner with us and got lotsa turkey, so he's happy anyway!

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