Kansas Gov decides that persecuting an 18yr old for exercising her right to free speech is a bad public relations move.

Cyclist shoots dog that attacks him.  Look people, if your town/county/whatever has a leash law then you need to make sure your dog is restrained (these days he needs to be restrained ANYWAY, but thats another arguement).  I don’t care if “the whole street does it” and “everyone knows he’s friendly”.  That goes extra if your dog is of a breed (or LOOKS like a breed) “known” to be aggressive.  Very very very rarely do they decide on the side of the dog/owner in cases like this.  The fact that the dog was in training to be a service dog doesn’t matter, if anything that should be even MORE of a reason to restrain him properly.  (and you know what? Apollo’s a “loveable friendly pooch who’s great with children” but he hates bikes, and if we let him he’d would chase them madly down the road, so sorry, no excuses)