News Anchor tells viewers there is no Santa

And is promptly told she is the most evil person ever.

I have to admit that I’ve never understood the whole “Santa” thing.  I’m sure part of that is the fact that my parents never “did”  Santa.  Infact I think it was kindergarten, when I came home one day and wanted to know who this “Santa” person was that everyone was talking about.  My mother told me he was made up and not real.  I promptly returned to school and proceeded to tell everyone Santa was a lie and they shouldn’t believe in him.  Something tells me I wasn’t very popular with the other kids’ parents that year….

But really, I don’t get Santa.  A large majority of the people I know who DID believe in Santa when they were little, say they were very upset when they realized there wasn’t any Santa.  That their parents had lied to them.  And yet, they proceed to tell their children that its Santa who’s bringing the gifts.  My inlaws do this, their eldest grand-child is 8yrs old, and still believes in Santa, because the whole family is expected to go out of their way to assist in the foolery (I have so far avoided having to be involved, without having to argue the fact).  Having gotten to know the child over the last few years I can firmly state that she is going to be PISSED once she finally figures out that they were lying to her.  Screaming temper-tantrum mad.

I don’t get it.