I guess its a good thing we don’t plan to have kids

Teacher tells 2nd graders there is no Santa.

I posted on a similar story a couple days ago, husband had missed that one, but was rather horrified when he saw this one, on a slightly amusing note however he was horrified for the exact opposite reason I was upset.  He was brought up to believe in Santa, and though he admits to being rather upset once he finally figured it out, he firmly believes that Santa is something all children should have.  He wasn’t amused when I pointed out that by lying to their children parents are setting themselves up for children who are more likely to not believe them later on possibly more important things. “I didn’t have that problem!”  Well no, but then you were raised right, these days ALOT of kids aren’t being taught any responsibility or how to work for what they want (an observation he’s made several times), and in those cases “Santa” just makes it worse.  He really wasn’t amused with me.

I guess its a good thing we don’t plan to have kids……