“But he was a good boy!”

This one probly belongs over at MArooned for his dead goblin collection, but I had to comment on it first. Bad guy shot by homeowner. Dad defends bad guy:

He said he knew his son had an extensive criminal history but does not believe what witnesses are saying about him.

Lets see, bad guy served time for felony traffic offenses, AND had prior arrests for burglary, car theft, aggravated battery on a pregnant woman, drug possession and resisting arrest.

Yup, he was a good boy, all around!! 

1 thought on ““But he was a good boy!””

  1. They are always choir boys. Extensive history of being a choir boy.

    To an extent I can understand — we all want to think our children are perfect, that they're good people, that they wouldn't do horrible things. But you know, there comes a time when Junior's got a rap sheet a mile long, and you have to start being honest in your assessment of your child.

    – Hsoi

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