Wonky weather

The weather this year has been seriously weird. 

First we come way to close to smashing records for snow falls back at the beginning of the year, then we DO break rainfall records in April. 

Then, though July ended up remarkably dry, the rest of the year has been extremely wet, to the point of minor/moderate flooding in all streams/rivers.  Our yard was a permanent swamp complete with knee high grass because the mud was ankle deep (not to mention the inch or so of standing water ON TOP of the mud) and so we couldn’t mow. 

Now come fall, its been a BIT dryer, but not by much, but it has been unseasonably warm.  Normal snow-fall by this time of the year here is approx 2ft of snow (last year there was 4ft of snow by now).  We’ve had about .1 of an inch of snow fall.  Its all come down as rain instead.  This means permanent standing water in large portions of the yard, and serious mud holes for the puppy to make a mess in.

Last weekend things actually got cold.  Temps dropped to low 20’s and even the teens at night.  The yard FROZE.  All except the muddiest spots were frozen solid enough that they barely shifted when we walked on them, and even daytime highs in the low 40’s wasn’t enough to really thaw things back out.

Then Wednesday night, we were supposed to get snow with temps in the low 30’s to upper 20’s.  Instead it never dropped below 40, and it rained.  Rained all day yesterday (Thursday), and was drippy all last night.  Now it DID actually get below freezing last night, but not by much.  The yard’s a swamp again.

Dammit.  I really don’t normally care for winter all that much, and I’m not looking forward to the inches of snow that all this rain would be if it was proper temps for here this time of year, but dammit.  This drippy, chilly, muddy, weather has seriously gotten on my nerves.  Can we just freeze and get on with winter please???