Not much going on here

Week’s been a bit hectic but generally uneventfull.

Work was spent rushing to get shipped the orders of people who don’t understand the concept of “plan ahead” including the guy who wanted something shipped (yesterday) overnight on his UPS account to him for today.  One BIG problem with that is that  UPS doesn’t deliver on Saturdays, and since Monday is the replacement day for the holiday it wouldn’t arrive till Tuesday.  Offered USPS Express with the extra fee for guaranteed holiday delivery but he settled for UPS 2nd day instead.  Course then I had to go figure out the UPS website and how to ship UPS under someone else’s account, I swear they’ve changed how the website handles that since the last time I did it.  I mean, I know I don’t ship UPS alot?  As in, once every 6 months or so?  But, it couldn’t even find the company’s email address.  Ended up calling into the 800# to get walked through it.

Not much going on at home either.  We’ve been prepping for a hoped for “surprise” that should be arriving Dec 31st.  More on that when it arrives as I refuse to jinx myself, its already been put off twice due to situations out of my control.  Husband and I both got Amazon gift cards from family, and since they arrived early with no wrapping they got spent early.  I bought a bunch of odds and ends, preordered some books, a remote trigger for the camera, and what not.  Husband bought a new headset/mic combo for his computer (though it’ll hook up to the Xbox too) so when  he’s playing online games with his friends he can chat with them.  He then promptly sat down at the computer and has hardly budged since.  I threatened to hide the headset.

Animals are doing ok.  Apollo’s thrilled at the snow that fell last night, when we take him out all he wants to do is paw at it and dig in it, and snuff the snow.  Nutcase, its only an inch or so, but he thinks its awesome.  On a side note, he’s so well insulated that when snow falls and lands on his coat it doesn’t melt till he comes inside.  Trouble has been  her usual self, when we got the box of Amazon orders she climbed into the empty box and proceeded to *swat*claw*swat* at everything that came within view through the gap between the box flaps.  Apollo couldn’t figure out what she was doing and got swatted several times before deciding that whatever it was that she was doing didn’t REALLY matter.  Janie’s doing ok, still stable.  The Vet is supposed to be calling me to set up some dietary changes for her in an attempt to help her kidneys’ function a bit better.  In the mean time I’m supposed to try to feed her a low fat diet, not easy when the cat in question is the pickiest eater ever.  Thankfully she’ll eat boiled chicken and rabbit.  I’d be happier if I could get her to eat a raw diet, but she refuses to touch it, no matter what or how.