Not all AAA areas offer Tipsy Tows.

Did I mention that I hate people spreading miss-information?

So, a friend of a friend posted and shared that AAA is offering Tipsy Tows on New Years, NATION WIDE!!!!

Which isn’t actually the case.

So, the northern CA AAA (which covers northern Cali, Nevada and Utah) offers them on specific holidays.  TX AAA offers them on New Years and 4th of JulyFlorida AAA (which covers FL, GA, and parts of TN) offers a Tow To Go on specific holidays (or they did as of almost two years ago when I worked for AAA, so I’m pretty confident of that info despite the information in the first linked article).  The first linked article states that they actually checked with an AAA rep who told them that also Hawaii, New Mexico, and Alabama also offer Tipsy Tows.  As far as I know none of the New England, New York or east coast AAAs (other than FL) offer Tipsy Tows at all.  In fact in one article the North Carolina club states that they USED to do them and had to stop due to abuse of the system.

So if you happen to see that set of posts on Facebook do me a favor and tell folks to stop spreading incorrect information.  The folks answering the phones at AAA overnight on New Years Eve/New Years morning will thank you.

If you think your area might offer them call your local AAA office to find out for sure (NOT the 800# in the articles, lookup the actual number for your actual local office, they’re going to have the most accurate information for your area).