To Tim Hortons USA Corporate

To the brilliant person who decided that busy corner needed one of your stores.  Bravo.  Thats a HUGE intersection with a ton of traffic, and no coffee or fast food of any kind for over a mile in any direction.  You even designed the traffic flow in the parking lot such that it should work well in such a high traffic area.  I was thrilled when I saw what was going in since I was having to go way out of my way to hit a Dunkin Donuts if I wanted something on my way to work.

To the idiot who decided to make the store a “small” store with a “limited menu”, I hope they fire you.  Seriously.  I can understand the lack of seating, but to essentially cut your menu in half, to the point where you don’t even carry everything on the drivethru menu (and aren’t GOING to carry everything on the drivethru menu) has got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.  Especially in a location like that.  And I don’t mean that you decided that location would only carry donuts/sweets/breakfast sandwiches with none of the main meal pieces, I mean you decided not to carry half the standard menu.  AND THEN you put things on the drivethru menu that you aren’t EVER going to carry.  Nice.

Well, I WAS thrilled to see the store going in.  Instead you folks just lost yourselves a customer, one who was likely going to be stopping in several times a week on  her way to work to buy a coffee and a snack for later.  And I made sure to tell all my co-workers about your “limited menu” idiocy.