Mother Nature, you can stop-it now, really

Normally by this time of the year our average temperatures are in the 20’s and teens, with drops into the single digits, and we’ve got several feet of snow already fallen and more coming.

As of the morning of Wed Dec 28th 2011 we’d had barely trace amounts of snow and temps were staying nice and warm so the water was coming down as rain instead.  However by evening of that same day we’d had several inches of snow fall.  I was thrilled, everything froze, no more mud.  Winter was finally here.

Yah, I jinxed it.

By Friday evening the yard was a swamp again, all traces of snow gone except for the excess of water on the ground.  Sunday temps hit 52f.

Monday temps crashed hard and it snowed again.  About 3 inches or so though I never heard an official count.  Temps were in the single digits all day Tuesday.

Today the only snow on the ground is in the areas that are fully shaded or where the plows left a ridge.  Temps hit the upper 40’s.  Since this is central NY state that means everyone’s running around without coats talking about the heat wave.  My yard is headed for swamp land again.  The mud’s ankle deep, but my boots are damn near clean by the time I come in because there’s so much standing water on top of it.

Can we just have a normal winter now?

1 thought on “Mother Nature, you can stop-it now, really”

  1. I'm with you! These see-saw temperatures are driving me nuts. When they're high, I want to get out and strat gardening. When they're down, I want to hibernate since there's no snow on the ground.

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