Not the way to start my day

Reading my email this morning, and as I’m reading two new emails come in from Paypal. The first to tell me that my $1 charge to somerandomsite had gone though, the other to tell me that my $388 charge on had declined. Well thats interesting, because I’ve made no such purchases.

Go hit Paypal’s site, cancel the debit/Mastercard and start the process to dispute the charges (cause of course they don’t have anyone working on a Sunday), and confirm that there are no other weird charges, and figure out where I’ve used used the card recently. And of course change my password while I’m at it.

See I don’t keep large sums of money in my Paypal, a few $, for things like iTunes. If I want to use it to make a large purchase I move money into it for that purpose. Previously I’d really only used the card for iTunes and the Playstation network. Course when the PS network was hacked I canceled that card, and the ONLY THING I’ve used it for since is iTunes. Now I don’t know if that means iTunes got hacked, though I did call them and advise them of the situation just to be safe. But theres also the intermediary companies who do the processing, and even Paypal itself, so at this point who knows.

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