Can you say idiot?

So, a couple months ago Lagniappe’s Lair posted on the story of a young woman who trespassed, got hurt, and expected the world to cry for her and FIX IT.  Her name was Courtney Fletcher of Mt. Lebanon, PA.  Seems Courtney got bored and decided to Google her name on the internet and was VERY UPSET to discover that the whole world didn’t cry for her, and that, infact, quite a few people thought she was a good example of the problems with today’s kids.  Go read the comments, but I shall quote a bit so you know what you’re getting into:

….benefits is my dads company i work thier and get paid to watch youtube n surf the net, then i go home to my husband my chevy camaro, and my young lifestyle, and i loive it. u all need to stop jumping to conclusions

Yes, all her comments read like that.  Oh, and apparently she sent out nasty emails to everyone who commented using the company email address.  Bets on what’ll happen once Daddy finds out she’s using her work email to get back at the “nasty” people?  All things considered I’m betting his reaction WON’T be to fire her, she comes across as one of those children who’s never been made to pay for anything they did wrong ever.

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