Well, attempts to contact their tech support for help importng the blog met with a resounding silence. An attempt tp get help through their forum got advice (admitedly from another regular person, not support) that didn’t work. I finally solved the problem by doing the opposite of the suggested advice. Not the best ever first impression.

I also have to admit to being spoiled by Blogger’s allowing of modification of the template, I can play with the HTML & the CSS, rearrange the sidebars to my content….and it doesn’t look like any of that is allowed on the free WordPress, I can’t do ANY HTML or CSS modification without paying a fee. Anyone reading this have experience the self hosted version? How easy is it to use? I mean, I can do some HTML and the like, but I’m not an expert, and thanks to a pair of puppies I’m a little short on the time it would take to figure it out.

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  1. WordPress was better a few years ago, then you could still tweak the templates. I don't know when they decided to go with a paid service; I discovered it a few months ago when I wanted to change my template and no longer could. Oh well. I still like WP better than Blogger, overall. Good luck!


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