Over at the Burnett Homeplace Helene talks about the great seed catalog conspiracy. As in, why is it impossible to get all the seeds you want from one company for one shipping charge?

I gotta say I’d noticed this one myself, and I’m not even putting together a full garden! Husband and I have decided that for this year we’ll pickup a few of the half barrel planters and use those for some herbs, and annuals like his hot peppers. We’ll also try to get the raised beds for the actual garden at least started before next winter, so we can use them next year. I THINK I’ve got my seed and plant choices narrowed down to two companies……I think!

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  1. Actually if you count hte landscaping we went to do you can add on at least one local nursery, and possibly another catalog….sigh.

  2. Up here in the cold north I have almost given up trying to start tomatoes. The sun is so weak this time of year that grow lights are needed, or the plants become stringy Unfortunately, the only place in the house warm enough for the plants also puts them in danger of being eaten by Tigger the cat. I will still try, but success far from guaranteed.

    Gurneys isn't too bad for pole beans; they even carry the purple ones. They don't carry many heirloom seeds though. I managed to keep our seed order fairly reasonable this year; with the early order coupon the total came to just over $40 including shipping. That combined with saved seeds and some local shopping will provide enough seeds to plant both my garden and my mother's garden.

    I am spoiled. There are at least two stores in our area that have a rather decent seed selection – Fleet Farm and Steins; if I cannot find it in one catalog, I can usually find it at one of those stores. When we last visited NC, it seemed like there weren't many stores down there that sell seeds. Is it the clay soil that scares them away? Wally world and Home Depot don't really count because they carry such ordinary things for ridiculous prices.

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