4 thoughts on “Sap is running”

  1. Mild freeze is part of what triggers the run, hard freeze isn't bad but if its prolonged it might halt the season, though in theory it could restart again. Thats my understanding anyway.

  2. It has been over freezing here the last few days too. I wonder if my neighbor Joe will tap his one maple tree again?

    I hope it gets cold again soon and stays that way for a little longer; it will be really bad if all the fruit trees start budding too soon and then get the buds frozen. I still have to finish pruning the two apple trees in the back yard; hope the trees stay dormant until spring.

    The ice fishermen really hate all this warm weather too.

  3. Yah, the lakes here never froze over enough to fish on, the snow mobilers have been out every time it snows, but it never lasts long. The businesses that count on all of them for their winter income are hurting.

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