AKC customer service fail

This post is actually unrelated to the previous post on the Tibetan Mastiff breed standard changes.  Other than the fact that it involves Apollo anyway.

Back when we got Apollo, and then his paperwork, included in the paperwork from the AKC was paperwork to set him up with the AKC Companion Animal Rescue.  Basically its supposed to be a backup to microchips or tags.  We almost didn’t bother since he IS microchipped and tagged, but it was only $20, and no renewal fee, so might as well.  Got the paperwork back stating he’d been enrolled with the CAR, and in the envelope was a tag to add to his collar.  There was something in the letter about setting up online access so you can make changes if you need to, but right then I didn’t feel like it so the letter got tossed in the “we might need it later so at some point I need to sort this and file it” box.

Yesterday I was sorting the paperwork in that box in preparation of filing it, so that if we needed any of it for taxes it would be accessible, and ran across the letter from the CAR.  Was reminded of the online access thing, and sat down to set it up before I forgot again.  Oops, there’s supposed to be a code in the letter for setting up the access, and gee, no code.  Sigh.  By this time its 10pm EST, so I emailed the email listed on the letter rather than tried to call:

I am attempting to set up online access for my dog, but the letter I recieved did not contain an enrollment key.

Apollo, Tibetan Mastiff, owned by Ruth *****

Got an email back today:

Thank you for contacting AKC Companion Animal Recovery.

We received your email to update your pet’s record; however, your pet is not enrolled in our recovery service. You can enroll your pet with our service at www.akccar.org.

Note: AKC CAR is proud to offer access to Pet Poison Helpline. For a one-time fee you can gain access to immediate treatment advice from animal experts around the clock. For more information, call AKC CAR at 1-800-252-7894 or visit http://www.akccar.org.

Please be sure to include this email if a response is necessary.

Thank You,
AKC Companion Animal Recovery

So…..yah, I emailed back:

So I sent you paperwork, and a check, which you cashed.  You sent me a letter stating he was enrolled, and a tag to add to his collar.  And yet you didn’t really enroll him in the program??  You ARE sending me a refund….RIGHT?

Mildly pissed…. 

Ok, really pissed, and I’m actually kinda serious about the refund, do I really want these people “helping” rescue my dog??