Google adsense

Some of you may have noticed I had a small Ad thingy on the left hand side of my blog, and that its not there any more.  There are a couple reasons for that, one, in the year I’ve had the blog I’ve earned less than $2 from it, which Google insists it can’t payout because you have to hit a miminum amount before they’re required to send you anything (not that I was surprised at the low payout mind, I didn’t expect much actually, but thought I’d give it a try).  Two, I seem to be constantly fighting with Google over the ads that it shows.  I’ve manually blocked 5 different listings for “Puppies for Sale!!!!” not to mention a bunch of other odds and ends that I don’t want advertised on my blog.  Attempts to change the settings so as not to show any of that in general weren’t successful.

So, no more adsense ads.  Besides its one less thing to try to carry over if I do end up changing platforms….

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  1. I had adsense on my blog a while back. Google told me I had to have 500 dollars earned before they would send a check. I reached that magic number and my adsense account was closed. Google told me I had violated a term of the agreement. But then would not tell me what it was I had done. Needless to say the appeal was rejected.

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