The sun, weather, and my free time all cooperated this afternoon, so you all get puppy pictures.  Going to toss them below the fold since there’s a bunch and I don’t want to lock up someone’s connection….

See that green grass?  Its not your imagination.  We have green grass on February 4th.  I don’t get it, and Apollo is NOT amused, Arty likes it though.

4 thoughts on “Arty”

  1. I wouldn't have an objection, as for the puppies, remember I have teh big guy too, and we've learned the hard way that not all dogs (even otherwise friendly dogs) quite know what to do with him (its an: “OMG he's HUGE” sorta reaction)

  2. Dog parks tend to be good for such things, and I have yet to find a dog (of any size) that can keep up with Dixie when she wants to play tag. Of course, she hasn't met a REAL greyhound yet…

  3. Haven't had Apollo up against a true sighthound either. Might be interesting considering he's really fast for his size, but then he also understands how to cut corners…

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