Hackers take over police websites around the country.  Including Syracuse, the media were frothing over it here.

SOPA’s done, now how about ACTA?  I’d like to see the actual text please….that said the secrecy doesn’t bode well.

FL wants to ban using food stamps for sweets.  I’ve got mixed feelings about this, SHOULD the .GOV be making those bans?  On the other hand that IS taxpayer money you’re getting there, so maybe I should have a say in what you can spend it on….

Europe is freezing.  To be fair -27 is seriously cold even by my standards.

Lady cuts in line at the drivethru, gets stunned.

Hey, the stimulus backed power program is faulty!  Who’da thunk it?

Guy steals kid’s lunch box.

Motorcyclist takes down hit n run driver.  For the 2nd time.

(good grief lately, and I haven’t even hit yet this morning!)