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I mentioned a while back that I try to go through the Spam folder once a week or so to make sure that nothing important got caught in there.  In that post I talked about the fake AARP offers…..

Well, I’m a little behind on my Spam folder, so how about we take a look at what I’m getting today:

Hey, AT&T wants me to buy a smart phone from them, but hey, the email is “microwave at”  how weird…. is trying to get me to sign up, except THEIR email is “innovativeoptimum at” ….

Orchard Bank wants me to get a credit card from them, from an email: “continental at”  

(I’m sensing a trend here….)

Hey, Overstock wants to me know about a sale…..from “logicalretrieve at” 


Get a NEW CELL PHONE PLAN from an unnamed company with the email: “mostnamed at”

Hey, Lasik knows I have to wear glasses!!! (“assessment at”)

Hey, another AT&T add, at least this one used a different email host: “info at” 

Hey, I was thinking I needed a new dentist: “leisurevirtue at” 

WhiteGloveAudience also apparently does Christian Mingle, Affordable Healthcare rates, Golf Fuel, and probly a bunch more but I got tired of clicking on spam.  When I looked at the actual links that clicking would have taken me too, well, I won’t post them, but some of the titles were rather, um, adult looking, and the one “unsubscribe” I clicked on to see where it took me redirected to what sure LOOKED like an unsubscribe link….at a redirected address…..(no I did not put my email in it, though I’m tempted to put my boss’s in just to see what happens). 

The joys of digging through the spam bin….. 

2 thoughts on “Email Spam”

  1. I hate many things about Google, but Gmail really is the only email service where I *never* get any spam. or Hotmail? Spam. Yahoo mail? THE.MOST.SPAM.EVER. Gmail? Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

    Just sayin'. FWIW.


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