Meat Grinder Bleg

So….Husband and I have been debating getting a meat grinder.  The dogs are fed almost entirely raw, and it would be cheaper if we could do any meat grinding ourselves instead of buying it pre-ground (they get lots thats not ground, but you know….).  Plus we could grind our own hamburger for ourselves….Did some looking around, my local Tractor Supply has one for less than $50 (their site’s wonky today so I can’t link), lots and lots more for varying sums more than that.  But neither of us has ever really used one before, so…..

What we NEED:
a grinder that will grind beef, chicken, and possibly sundry other meats

What we think we’d LIKE:
a grinder that will not only do the above mentioned meats, but also light bones (ie chicken bones, rabbit, maybe turkey)

What we’re not sure on:
hand powered vs electrical.  As much as I’d like to stay with hand powered I’m less than confident that I have the hand strength to manage it should an extended grinding be needed, but then I’ve never used one to try either.  But electrical things always seem to break down….

We’d like to keep it under the $100 mark, but thats not set in stone, cost is an issue though.

Thoughts?  Things to watch out for?  Suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Meat Grinder Bleg”

  1. If you have a Kitchen Aid Mixer, they sell meat grinder attachments. I have one, but would not recommend it for grinding bones. It would jam and you would end up stripping then replacing the sacrificial nylon gear they have in the mixer to keep the motor from being destroyed when the mixer is placed under too heavy a load.

  2. No Kitchenaid, the cheap mixer I have DOES have a grinder attachment I could get (for the same price as a new mixer….). Considering that the motor struggles with the things I mix in it I have my doubts about it being able to grind anything very well.

    I wanted a Kitchenaid, I settled, knew I shouldn't have.

  3. I'd head over to Bass Pro and Cabelas sites and read the reviews on the models they carry. Those are going to be the heavy users.

    Then start shopping for the best price, which they are unlikely to have.

    We have the KitchenAid attachment and use it regularly, and a hand grinder which is more work but I think actually does a better grind.

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