4 thoughts on “Gas prices”

  1. It might help to have a nation wide standard gas formula. I believe curently there are four formulas, not sure about that. Each formula is processed for a time then the refineries tool up for the next run, sometimes causing regional shortages until they catch up.
    One hemp plant can produce a quart of oil form the seed. This oil was used during WW2 in airplane engines as it does not degrade at altitude. 10% of the tilable land would produce 100% of the nations heating oil anualy, desil engines can burn it too. But the soil does not need to be that good so less desirable land could be used. Hemp fibers are long and strong making durable canvas and rope, the origional jeans were made from this fabric.
    the leaves can be procesed into paper, like the constitution was printed on.
    Industrial hemp is low in THC. Who cares. Three viable industries quashed. and gas keeps going up.

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