Bleg….or: HELP IT BROKE *sniffle*

So, most women reading this and at least some of the men are going to know what a hair clip is (they’re sometimes called ‘hair claw clips’ if that helps).  Link picked at random as the best first example I found.

The problem: 99% of the ones available in stores by me are PLASTIC, which means that they break in short order (don’t ask me how I manage it, most other women I know who use the things don’t have that problem).  The few that are metal are HUGE DECORATIVE, and heavy, and not really functional.  (on an interesting note, when they first started being popular they were made out of a different plastic that was softer and held up better, oh well).

The solution:

yes, that’s a plain metal hair clip.  I’ve had it for years (4? 5? something like that).  Its AWESOME.

Till tonight.  Tonight the spring finally broke as I was putting my hair up.  I think I actually cried a tear or two.  I’ve tried for the last 3 years to find more of these clips, but the place where I got it doesn’t carry ANY metal clips any more (except for the big heavy gaudy things….).  Now this was a pretty simple piece, looks like it was stamped out of a piece of stainless, bent into shape, and a spring and pin added.  But I’ve not the skills to do that even if I had the tools (which I don’t).  So….anyone know someone who CAN?  Or know of a place where I can order a couple of these things?  Please?

7 thoughts on “Bleg….or: HELP IT BROKE *sniffle*”

  1. no “teeth”, the clips have teeth that help grip the hair, and for my hair they need all the help they can get to stay in.

    Having said that we've got a few big ones at work, I might have to steal one tomorrow when my hair gets in my face enough to annoy me and see how it works….ever since I cut my hair its to short to temporarily put up with a couple pens….

  2. If you can manage to punch out the retaining pin, you might be able to disassemble it and then borrow a new spring from one of the plastic ones. Then put it back together again.

    I haven't seen any like these in stores. Something so well made might have caused the company to go broke because it takes so long to get return customers.

    Good luck finding a replacement!

  3. I've been considering trying the spring idea, I might be able to get the pin out, its not THAT solidly in place.

    Google wasn't that helpfull, “metal hair clip” or variations there of, gets me a very different style of clip which isn't what I'm looking for.

  4. I'm no help, even the hair clips with teeth promptly slide right out (I can't count how many have been given to me as Xmas/BD presents that I put in only a couple of times before giving up).

  5. You can't just put them in like barratte, you have to twist your hair, like into a bun, or partially into a bun at any rate. If you do it right they stay very well, if you get it even a little wrong, forget it, its not going to stay.

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