In reference to that idiot who wants to make social media for gunnies

I stated before that I’m likely way to small stuff (and barely a gun blog) for him to bother with, but just in case, I quote from Lawdog:

1) I will not be joining this site “Smoke and Thunder”, so if you see my name there, it isn’t me.

2) Nor do I give the site “Smoke and Thunder” any permission what-so-ever to use anything written by me on this site, or by me on any Internet forum or medium, beyond the minimum amount permissible under the “Fair Use Doctrine”.

3) Furthermore, I deny the site “Smoke and Thunder” permission to use any of my intellectual property, wholly or in part, for financial gain.



Note: This does not apply to the Purveyors of  Fine Mountain Man Accoutrements.  Thats a different bunch of people.