Not to long ago Borepatch commented about how frustrated he was with Firefox 10.0.2.  And at the time I was a little baffled, I wasn’t having any MORE issues with the newest version than I had been having previously.

I think thats changed.  Previously there were couple websites that I was having issues with, but nothing major, they were sites I didn’t frequent much so it wasn’t an issue.  The previous update started doing some odd things trying to keep Firefox on top on my screen.  Not a huge deal, just occasionally annoying when I’d, say, click to open a file to upload and Firefox would decide it needed to be ontop…..of the little window it opened to choose the file to upload.  Minimizing and restoring the window solved the problem every time, so whatever.

Now, I have this habit of not bothering to turn off my computer every time I walk away from it, I’m sure this is costing me in electricity, but it means that I can walk up to my computer, do something, and walk away again without having to wait for it to boot up every time.

This morning I get up and realize that not only had I forgotten to shut the computer down for the night, but I also forgot to close Firefox.  Well, whatever, thats what screen savers are for.  So I sit down and start browsing my morning comics, morning blogs, news….why is Firefox suddenly SLOWER than HELL and so is my computer???  Suddenly Firefox is using every piece of my computer’s function it can get ahold of.  WTF??  Close and restart FF and presto, no problem, even when I open the million tabs like I tend to do in the morning.  Its STILL using a painfull percentage of the computer’s memory, but not like it was.  *sigh*  Seriously Firefox??  I guess its time for me to pick a new browser…..

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  1. I know this will just jinx me, but I haven't had any problems whatsoever. What kind of add-ons do you run? I think that's where the bogging down comes in the most.

  2. Urg, well, its SUPPOSED to check for updates when it updates itself, but it looks like it didn't….

    and the answer is probly to many…lets see if that fixes that…

  3. Either that or you have a bit of spyware lurking on your computer now because you left the door open (computer logged on to the internet) too long. There is a very good reason why we switched away from a windows operating system.

  4. I find that when FF starts using up a majority of the CPU capacity under the conditions you describe, it's one of two issues: Java or PluginContainer.exe.

    I have shut down one tab at a time when CPU usage by FF goes to almost 100% and it is usually a specific website that uses a lot of Java and/or Flash. This is not a new problem as I have experienced it from time to time since FF5.

  5. I noticed when I upgraded that now some site that used to load fast are taking forever.

    F/F…there ARE other browsers out there… just saying.

  6. DCE, I'll have to remember that next time it does it, it would tie up memory before, but not like this..

    Kurt, I know, I'm feeling vaugly fuddy-duddy and don't want to change….so I'm whining instead. I'll get over it and change eventually…..

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