VA governor didn’t realize just what “trans-vaginal” meant.  Even though a physician specifically explained it.


Iphone user wins $850 in small claims court from AT&T over throttled connection.

Ok, a couple of these are photoshopped, but some of them are scary….

Pretty sure this says bad things about your parenting skills, and about the bank tellers who were robbed through the drive-thru.

FBI has trouble retrieving their GPS units after being forced to turn them off.

Restaurant tells parents to take unruly kids outside.

Wyoming considers the feasibility of buying an aircraft carrier.

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  1. Several years ago across from my place of work, some idiot tried to rob a bank at the drive-thru. He was on foot, and had a bow and arrow. Once the tellers stopped laughing and realized he was serious, they locked the doors and called the police. The police picked him up a short distance away, as he didn't even have a getaway vehicle. This was in south Salt Lake City.

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