New site started

For anyone who’s curious its here:

Now, that LINK will remain active, but the look and feel and all else is not set in stone yet.  I will say that I like the options MUCH better than the options.  Nor am I officially changing over yet, this is just me playing around and wanting some feedback.

As for the host, its, recommended to me by Hsoi, who uses it for his business site.  I’ve not had much time to poke around at what all I can do with their stuff yet, but I’ve so far had to contact them twice, mostly because I was feeling lazy and didn’t feel like digging.  Both times I was helped promptly and politely.  Infact the guy who answered the phone the first time even admitted that “I don’t know, but if you don’t mind me placing you on hold for a minute or two I can find out.”  Something that is few and far between in some companies (I like a person who admits they don’t know but is willing to find out, don’t BS at me).  I will also say that their Blog Package is very inexpensive ($29.50/yr if you pay for the year upfront, and for your first year that includes your Domain name, which is normally an additional $9.99), MUCH less so for the same coverage than several other hosting places I looked at.  And yes, you can use their site even if you don’t use a Mac, I don’t! 

(if you go to my link above on the left hand side of the page is a little button to them, if you decide to go with MacHighway, and it was my experience that got you to look at them, please consider purchasing your site via that button, it’ll earn me a bit of money to off-set what this is costing me since I don’t make anything off the blog.  As a general rule I don’t plan to do much in the way of advertising and the like, just this button, Amazon affiliates, and maybe some odds and ends)

2 thoughts on “New site started”

  1. See? That's why I love Machighway and have used them for many years. Their customer service is just top notch. They've really worked to grow and evolve, but never get too big for their britches. I really like and respect them for how they do things.

    Glad your experiences with them have so far been excellent!

    – Hsoi

  2. They were really quick too. I did the setup, and got an email saying it could be up to 24hrs before I the it was up and running for me. 40 minutes later I had the email telling me it was set to go. Maybe its more complicated for the bigger plans, but I was impressed.

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