I need….

So, I’ve been using Google Reader to keep up with the blogs I read, the problem: I’d really like to ditch Google (not sure the email’s going to go, I’ll try, but I’ve been using it so long its EVERYWHERE, anyway….).  So as part of my switch off Blogger I need something else.  Either an equivilent software or site that’ll keep track of new posts for me, or a widget for the WordPress blog that’ll at least tell me how recently the blogs on my blogroll have been updated.  Not sure I care WHICH, but one or the other, or maybe all of the above…..

Anyway, any suggestions or recommendations?  Preferably something you’ve used, or at least have seen used….

5 thoughts on “I need….”

  1. For anyone else looking, using a widget called “blogroll fun” which adds into the actual blogroll, we'll see how it works longterm

  2. Well, that didn't last long, over all it seemed to do the job, but it didn't recognize Walls of the City at all, and I KNOW Bogie's Blog was updated more recently than 42yrs ago…..onto the next thing

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