Poor Fishy

A while back I picked up this fish shaped chew toy for Apollo.  Made out of clear rubber/plastic, with a purple “skeleton” inside.  It was getting pretty beat up, but he still loves it, and now with Arty in the house its getting even more abuse, so I decided to see if I could get another one.  Well the store where I got it still had them, along with two other sizes, the smallest was to small, Apollo coulda swollowed it whole, and the purple one I got before was the largest, but they also had a medium size, so I grabbed two large ones and a medium one.  Click the link to see what they look like (disclaimer, the links to go Amazon via my Affiliates link, if you buy something via that link I earn a couple pennies).  That was yesterday.

Here’s what the medium fish looks like today:

Don’t worry, they didn’t actually eat any of it, I’ve spent the day picking up pieces of plastic off my floor….