New dog tags

For the puppies, not me.


For Apollo:


and for Arty:


Tags from Fetching Tags (these are the “Super” style which allows you to pick your own phrase).  They filled the order nice and quick, and I really like the look.  They had to go an extra step for Apollo’s, technically his phrase is one letter to many, but they made it fit for me.   The other side has their name and my phone number so its an actual tag and not just a phrase too.


And yes I paid for them, and was not asked to review them, and am not receiving anything for reviewing them.

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  1. Additional info: these tags are as thick as two quarters stacked, and the engraving is deep. These aren’t your chintzy lazer engraved tags where the engraving wears off in a year or two. I expect these to hold up for a long time.

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