War Dogs, a retirement plan

Did you know that up until 12 years ago, when a military dog reached the end of its usefulness it was killed?

In 2000 a law was passed to allow handlers, and the general public, to adopt these dogs and give them a home.

But it left out some important pieces.  The dogs are still considered equipment, and when equipment has reached the end of its usefulness the military won’t transport it unless transport is required for its destruction.  That means that if a military dog is “retired” while overseas the cost of returning that dog to US soil falls on the handlers and volunteer groups.

Now HR4103/S2134 introduced to the US House by Republican Walter Jones (NC) and to the Senate by Democrat Richard Blumenthal (CT) that would provide for the transport of military dogs so that they can be returned to the US for adoption.  And perhaps most importantly it would require the recognition that these dogs are not equipment, they are infact canine members of the military, and not “its”.


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