Links are UNDERLINED!!!!


Take THAT originial “genius” programer whoever you are who decided that the Raindrops theme needed 8, thats right EIGHT, .CSS files.    Its probly a good thing I don’t know who you are……..

At any rate I’m now free to play with font color as I please, except I’m kinda liking this darker font color, anybody else have any input or thoughts (if its to hard to read for people I’ll change it, I don’t know how many blogs I’ve had to give up on reading cause they chose some painfull combination of background and font colors).


Edited:  Ok, font color lightened because I finally got the main body NOT BLACK.  Course, I’m going to have to remember WHAT I did next time the theme updates cause I’ve not managed to get the changes set up in a child theme that works…..

edited again: course, it did something funky to the looks of my RSS feed…..we’ll see how much it annoys me before I go digging to fix it.

2 thoughts on “Hah”

  1. I’d maybe lighten it just a little (though truth be told, I do prefer dark font on light background–not that that really matters since I mostly read stuff in Google Reader). In any case, it looks just fine the way it is, too.

  2. Well, if I ever manage to finish changing the background color (this middle section isn’t supposed to be black dammit) then I’ll HAVE to change the font color. I’ll have to play with it and see if I can lighten it a bit, without having to go digging through the 8 fricking .css files again, the editor only offers limited choices….

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