It hit 80 here yesterday, its not unusual to have a warm day or two in March, usually right before we get a foot of snow, but 80 is just insane.

We spent several hours outside pruning trees, setting up planters (for my vegetables and herbs), and doing other odds and ends.  I forgot sunscreen…..

The crocus are blooming, the daffodils aren’t to far behind them in several spots, and the berry plants and fruit trees look like they’re thinking about it.

The 10 day weather forecast says we’re going to have highs in the 70’s (lows in the 50’s) through Thursday and then its going to start trending down again.  10 days out the highs are low 50’s and the lows are mid to upper 30’s.  I’m hoping, for the sake of my plants, that it doesn’t drop all the way back down to ‘normal’, which would put us with lows in the 20’s.