F-you wordpress.com

I’m seriously starting to regret having created that account with WordPress.com.  Its only barely linked with the account that handles this because apparently I couldn’t use that one here, so basically I never use that account.  EXCEPT, anytime I now want to comment on a wordpress.com blog I can’t because I’m NOT FUCKING LOGGED INTO MY WORDPRESS.COM ACCOUNT.  It will NOT let me just enter my email/name/website and comment.  I have to LOG INTO the wordpress.com account FIRST.  And when I hit the back arrow to go back to the comment page it deletes the entire comment I just typed.  I DON’T USE THAT FUCKING ACCOUNT!!!!  AND, there’s no way to delete the wordpress.com account without actually going through wordpress.com support AND according to the support page the support team is so far behind on support issues they’re only accepting new tickets from paid subscribers.

So if you have a wordpress.com blog, and you see in your site stats that a viewer with a NY ip address linked over from here, and appeared to try to comment and didn’t…..yah, it was probly me.


Edit: I may have sorta fixed this by changing the wordpress.com accounts email to an old hotmail address I use for spam.  This is seriously annoying.


Edit again:  Nope, because in order to have the custom picture next to my name I have to log into either the wordpress.com account or the gravatar account FIRST, and this is seriously getting annoying!!!!!!!  I’m logged in here that ought to be good enough dammit.  Off to go contact Gravatar and see if I can at least delete THAT….