A pair of Mallard Ducks just landed in the tiny little holding pond off the rear southern corner of our property.  When I say its tiny I mean its about 3ft across and 6 long and about 6 inches deep, but it stays wet pretty much all summer, and clearly these ducks knew it.  Very cool!

3 thoughts on “Wildlife”

  1. When I lived in NJ, a neighbor once had a pair of mallards nest beneath her climatis. The closest water was a ditch a 1/4 mile away. Mrs. Mallard hatched out 8 fluffy little ducklings which I boxed up and carried to the ditch with Mr. and Mrs. waddling (and quacking) behind.

  2. Donno that they’ll nest there, they were very unhappy with us moving around in the yard and took back off with short notice. But we’ll see!

  3. Congratulations!

    You now officially are in control of a wetlands…and all the political PC B.S. that entails!

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