I have a favorite new dog toy

and the dogs like it too, which helps lots.


See, someone figured out that humans don’t enjoy squeekys as much as dogs do, so they developed a squeeky that squeeks out of the range of human ears.  I was skeptical, I have better than average high pitch hearing and figured I’d still hear it.  I was wrong.  The dogs love it, and I can’t hear it squeek.  I gotta stock up on these….

2 thoughts on “I have a favorite new dog toy”

  1. What a find! I’ll have to check if they make them in non-plush for the outside toys.

    I wonder if it still drives the cats nuts . . .

  2. Not on the site I got them from, but I didn’t dig either. My cats ignore the dog squeekys, so that I can’t help you with!

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