Game/Trail camera Bleg

We bought a really cheap trail camera the spring after we moved in after seeing deer and turkey prints all winter in the snow.  Of course, its cheap.  Its reaction time from motion trigger to actual photo is at LEAST 1 second if not 2.  Which doesn’t sound like much till you realize how quickly wildlife moves.

The problem: as we look at trail cameras things like trigger speed often aren’t mentioned, at least in the price range we’re looking at.  I’d really like to keep this at not much more than $100 per camera cause we’re looking to buy 3 or 4 for the rest of the trails off the back of the property, and we’re not exactly made of money.

I’d kinda narrowed down my choices over the winter only to have the ones I was looking at either go up in price or no longer be availible.

I know there’s some hunter type people who read this, I’m hoping one or more of you has some experience with trail cameras, or can point me to a really good review site that has the information I’m looking at.  I’ve already hit Cabelas, Dicks, Bass Pro, and Amazon looking at cameras and reading reviews.


A faster trigger speed.  I realize really fast is probly the realm of the $400+ cameras, but something faster than what we’ve got would be really nice.

Price preferably not much more than $100.  $120 would probly be ok if the camera was perfect, but $150 isn’t going to happen unless I can find it on sale.

Taking D batteries would be nice as we already have a setup to recharge them, but a different battery type wouldn’t be a deal breaker. 

A camera that would accept a solar panel would be a plus.  Probly not going to buy the solar panels NOW, but in the future I can totally see that in the future.

I don’t need video, but infrared flash for night time would be nice, the one we haven’t doesn’t have that.