Software bleg

I need a mail client for my desktop that I can use to download email from my @scaryyankeechick address so I can start actually USING it instead of gmail. 

Not a huge fan of Outlook, though I’ve used it so I could again.

Currently running XP (sp3), though I suppose I need to upgrade to 7 before long (eeeeewwwww)

Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Software bleg”

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird is free and works well. I’ve been using it for many years. Easy to install, and straightforward to use. It can be set to sort incoming mail into relevant folders (family, friends, clubs, junk, politics, etc)
    I have mine set to download my email from the net to my hard drive, which I consider more secure than anywhere in cyberspace.

    BTW, your Captcha takes some looking to find.

  2. I like the math version of the captcha but it is small I agree, still playing around with it.

    Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll take a closer look at it.

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