Cheese crackers

So today I was looking for something different to make when it occurred to me that I’d not tried King Arthur Flour’s Cheese cracker recipe lately.  I’d made it several times before but I always had trouble rolling the dough thin enough, but over the winter I found a pasta roller on sale, and then never made crackers.

So, out came the pasta roller, and I made crackers.

I’m not going to copy over the recipe, just click the link.  But they are pretty easy to make, and the only fancy ingredient you need is the powdered cheese.  I do suggest that when measuring out the cheese powder to make it a heaping to overflowing 1/2 cup.  I also suggest that when baking, at the 8 minute mark when you separate the crackers you also flip them.  From then on watch them closely, they really WILL go from golden to to brown in a second or two.   The only other thing I do that the recipe doesn’t suggest is that once they’re cool I put them into a large ziplock bag and add some more cheese powder and shake till the crackers are covered.

They’re awesome, and I totally recommend them!