Hey, I need a new coffee table!

Saw this over at Marooned.  So cool, and they look like nice pieces of furniture.  Unfortunetly their coffee table won’t work in my house.  I have one really big problem:



Yes he has a perfectly good dog bed, he’d rather lay on my coffee table.  That particular piece is already showing the strain of a 100lb dog jumping on and off.  I’m thinking our next one is going to be a box of wood, if I’m lucky it’ll have a drawer or two.

3 thoughts on “Hey, I need a new coffee table!”

  1. hah, at the handling class, there’s a table that they use to stack the little dogs on (if you’ve ever seen a dog show on TV then you might have a clue what I’m talking about, if not then thats ok). Needless to say by the time the dog is even half Apollo’s size they don’t go on the table for inspection. Apollo keeps trying to hop onto the table.

  2. Most dogs dream of being a couch potato – Apollo apparently decided that he didn’t want to have such ordinary dreams.

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