Expanded dog food recall

If you feed any of the following brands of food:

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul

Country Value


Diamond Naturals

Premium Edge



Taste of the Wild


Please go here to determine if the food you are feeding is included in the expanded recall.

Please note, the recall is for salmonella.  You can avoid getting sick yourself by washing your hands with soap after handling your dog’s food.  If your dog is healthy it is unlikely he’ll get sick from salmonella, however if your dog has a weakened immune system for any reason (including recently have had vaccinations) you should seriously consider buying something new for your dog.




3 thoughts on “Expanded dog food recall”

  1. Went to get dog food last weekend, and they only had one flavor – a fishy version that I just don’t like because it stinks up the dogs’ mouth and the container. I didn’t think anything of it, and chose to get a different grain free brand instead.

    When I got to the register, I mentioned that I was surprised they only had one flavor. That is when I learned of the recall on Taste of the Wild.

    The gal at the counter said there wasn’t anything wrong with Taste of the Wild, it is just made by Diamond and they recalled pretty much anything they make, regardless of if it tested positive for bacteria or not.

    Fortunately my dogs are healthy, so even if the bag that they are currently on was somehow tainted, it is unlikely that they would get sick. I also wash my hands after feeding, so should be okay myself.

  2. Pretty much, TOTW has a pretty good reputation over all too, but so much is/was made in that one plant that they’re recalling it all just to be sure.

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