Email spam

Just a warning for folks.  I was cleaning out an old yahoo account today, I keep it around just to keep it mine and make sure no one hacks it, but haven’t actually used it in years.  So imagine my surprise when I opened it up today to clean out the spam and discovered 5 very realistic looking emails.  One from appeared to be from Foursquare with a friend request, two apparently from Youtube with notices about video’s uploaded, and two apparently from Amazon about order cancelations.

At first glance I was a bit concerned that someone had hacked the email, but after a second look I realized it was an experienced spammer trying to get personal information.  Please note that I said in all cases above “appeared”.  Even the sending email addresses had been spoofed to appear identical to those actually sent from the companies.  However a quick look at the LINKS in each email showed the actual addresses linked to were NOT those from the companies.  Just to be sure I hit all three company websites (by typing in the addresses thank you very much) and attempted a password reset using my Yahoo email.  All three stated no account with that email.

Moral of the story and a reminder to everyone:  DO NOT EVER CLICK LINKS IN EMAILS.  ALWAYS TYPE IN THE ADDRESS YOURSELF, EVEN IF THE EMAIL APPEARS TO BE REAL.  If its a real notice from the company you will be able to find the information with out to much fuss from your account page.