Who the H*ll is Nexon games?? And why are they sending out Phishing emails??

And why do they have my email??

Husband and I have about figured out they probly got my email through Steam…..which I use very occasionally, but that doesn’t excuse the “OMG, we saw SUSPCIOUS ACTIVITY on your account!!!! Click HERE to fix your account!!!!”  Can you say PHISHING?!?  The worst of it is they really DID create an account in my “name” too, manually typing in the web address, and using the password reset provides me with account information….yah, not amused.

A basic “hey lookit our games!!” email I’d have been ok with, ok, annoyed and demanding to be removed from the mailing list, but understanding of what happened anyway.  But instead a “OH NO!!!” email in an attempt to get me to use their service, and their website blatently says that if you got an email asking to “reactivate your account” if you don’t want the account just ignore it and we’ll delete it after X period of time….Yah, no.

Stay away from Nexon games….

2 thoughts on “Who the H*ll is Nexon games?? And why are they sending out Phishing emails??”

  1. I’d rather stay away from you. Nexon is a company with years of experience under their belt. They have released hit game after hit game. All you do is rant about how they are doing something wrong. Honestly, you need to chill the hell out (that’s right, you don’t need to * it, what are you, twelve?). If you don’t like them sending you emails then delete it and quit your bitching.

    • plus, you have your email visible on your page. Therefore, anyone could use it to register to the millions of websites out there. Maybe you should think twice about that before you decide to fly off the handle

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