Two cats dead after eating recalled kibble

Article here.

I know alot of folks, including the media, keep saying it “can’t be THAT bad, no animals got sick”, but its not that simple.  The problem is IDing the cause of the animal sickness.  Dog or cat gets diarrhea and vomiting and they’re given an antibiotic and fluids and sent home (trust me, I recently had to deal with it).  They might test for Parvo, but salmonella just doesn’t enter the thought process untill WAY down the treatment process unless there IS a current recall.  I highly suspect that if a survey of vets offices could be done, for cats and dogs treated for diarrhea/vomiting in the last 3 months, and then further survey to find out how many of said animals were being fed (or had in the home) kibbles on the recall list,  that the percentage would be pretty high.  And that doesn’t include the animals with mild cases who never saw a vet.  Of course since the affected animal was never tested for salmonella at the time of the sickness you can’t PROVE anything……

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